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Allianz Research Institute provides cutting-edge treatment while advancing medical research.

Founded in 2004, Allianz Research Institute began in Southern California conducting Phase 2 to Phase 4 clinical trials to further develop novel medications mainly in the respiratory arena to benefit patients and the healthcare community. We recently expanded into Colorado to meet the demands of diversity inclusion for patient recruitment. Additionally, we are expanding our therapeutic specialties to include mental health (Alzheimer's disease), gastrointestinal disease, and cardiovascular and metabolic diseases through partnerships with other specialists. We at Allianz Research Institute insure unparalleled patient engagement, staff expertise, and valuable results.

* Both sites will conduct Phase 1 trials.
* We have met if not exceeded our patient recruitment goals.
* Fast budgeting and contracting performed in parallel with IRB regulatory submission for rapid study start up.

Over 150 Respiratory clinical trials conducted in the past 18years.
Allianz Research encompasses 10,000 square feet of facility space, 70 beds, and a full surgery center.
Allianz Research exceeds 100% of patient target in recruitment. Our proprietary AI driven platform using digitial twins of PI "ClinTwin".
Full-service, Phase I CRO capabilities provided through strategic partnerships.
Allianz Research centralizes budgeting and contracting for expedited study initiation.
Allianz Research Institute serves a broad and diverse demographic.

Medical Specialties

Mental Health

Compensation up to $1,100

Phase I
Youth Studies
Women’s Health

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