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We provide clinical trial opportunities in Orange County, California and Aurora, Colorado.  Our new State of the Art Facility into the Denver metropolitan area will allow us to evaluate mechanistic approach to lung healing in diseases such as COPD. Our top priority is the care, comfort, and safety of our volunteer patients. We do this in a friendly and professional environment that upholds to the highest standards of quality research.

Our team of dedicated research specialists cover multiple therapeutic areas for our volunteers.

Help in development of future medicines

Dr. David Pham and his team has over 60 years of cumulative experience with clinical research and forward thinking ability to help create a field of precision medicine in different therapeutic areas. We work closely with key opinion leaders, scientists and different pharmaceutical and biotech companies to bring medicine to the world.

Gain access to new medical treatment

Clinical research trials gives participants the opportunity to gain access to our renown physicians and healthcare team as well innovative medicines at the leading edge of pharmaceutical evolution. We are not only providing more patients with access to innovative care options, we have been transforming the healthcare industry in asthma and COPD therapeutic areas for 15 years. We are taking that knowledge forward to other therapeutic areas for our future

Receive compensation for time & travel

The financial benefits of participation typically will cover your time and travel and won’t replace the need for a regular job,  The knowledge in contributing to the growth of medical therapy and sporty will be greatly appreciated.

A world of health services

Allianz Research Institute and it’s affiliate partners with Clinical Research Organizations and Sponsors to help achieve research subject Diversity. We engage with diverse and underrepresented communities. Dr. David Pham and Dr. Eduardo Chang are fluent in both Vietnamese and Spanish. Additionally, his staff are also fluent in Vietnamese and Mandarin.  We also partner with local Free clinics that provide for the underserved.

Our future goals:

Currently we are building the following therapeutic area ecosystem as well as add a Phase 1 center:

  • Alzheimer
  • Cardiovascular Disease
  • Cancer screening
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Infectious disease

Trust our state-of-the-art facilities

We insist on the best equipment and surroundings to ensure safety and comfort.

  • Total of 10,000 sq ft in dedicated research facilities
  • High Complexity laboratory within our center
  • Full pulmonary function testing with exercise bicycle
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A World of Health Services


Since COPD is progressive, it is important to identify and treat patients at early stages in order to prevent further deterioration. Combination inhalers such as Breztri and Trelegy and improved breathlessness and reduced exacerbation.  Biologics will play a significant role in controlling the disease and potentially reverse the disease. Through clinical trials we now see Dupixent or dupilumab reducing exacerbation and increase lung function an additional 94 ml. Other biologics that block IL-5R, TSLP, OX-40L and IL-33 may help control inflammation of COPD.
We are actively recruiting in several biologics in COPD.
Anti-IL-33 related therapy was just shown at American Thoracic Society to reduce exacerbation by as much as 40-70%. We will start the next stage to closely evaluate this improvement in more details. We will explore the mechanism in which this therapy will alter the lung injury to allow better functional healing.
To find out more contact us.

COVID19 studies

The purpose of the studies is to determine whether a new treatment or vaccine works and is safe for people to use.  Over the last three of years of the pandemic we learned that people over the age of 65 and immunosuppresssd or compromised people develop more severe disease. As the covid19 virus has mutated, it has rendered majority if not most of the monovalent vaccine and monoclonal therapy ineffective and removed from the FDA Emergency authorization. Evusheld has been effective in helping those immune compromised individuals (link to times magazine article) Supernova trial is a new version of Evusheld against covid19. This monoclonal antibody binds to the most conserved portion of the S Spike protein. It has been tested  and can neutralize the older variants as well as the current variants in the system.


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease that causes airway inflammation and airway remodeling or scaring. Clinical research helps us understand how the disease is caused, how it develops and how it is best treated. Stopping the inflammation and slowing the progression of remodeling will be the key in treating this disease. Like COPD, several different biologics may play a role in blocking the inflammation and help reverse the disease. Take the disease into your own hands and learn more how to control this disease. Contact us for more information on how to participate.

Phase 2 trial of Itepekimab show reduction of COPD exacerbation or worsening by as much as 40-70%. We will initiate Phase 3 trial in June 2023. Will also look at the mechanistic changes within the lung to explore its beneficial effects.

Osteoarthritis studies

Osteoarthritis is a type of degenerative joint disease that results from breakdown of joint cartilage and underlying bone which affects 1 in 7 adults in the United States. The most common symptoms are joint pain and stiffness progress slowly over years. Other symptoms may include joint swelling, decreased range of motion, and, when the back is affected, weakness or numbness of the arms and legs.

PRP or platelet-rich-plasma has helped improve joints but is currently not approved by the FDA or covered by insurance companies for knee osteoarthritis. A typical injection can cost $700-1,000 per dose.

Active Studies

CA- represents Trials for California sites
CO - represents for Colorado Sites
Please call or email us for more information in regards to the study and compensation amount

Asthma Trials

1) RAPT Biotech (oral medication) - compensation up to $2,500 - CA and CO
2) Sanofi TIDE trial - Amlitetimab - CA
3) Sanofi - Dupilumab - CA
4) Passage trial - Astrazeneca with Tezepelumab (Tezspire)- CA


1) Sanofi - itepekimab Aerify Trial- compensation up to $1,800 - CO
2) Sanofi - Dupilumab - CA
3) Genentech - astegolimab anti IL33 therapy - CA
4) AstraZeneca - Benraluzimab - CA


1) Supernova Monoclonal prophylaxis trial - compensation up to $1,200 - CA and CO
2) Enata - oral therapy for RSV infection - CA and CO


1) Regenlab - PRP with hyaluronic acid for knee osteoarthritis - CA


We are expanding our services to cover Alzheimer

Gastrointestinal disease

We are expanding our services to cover inflammatory bowel disease such as Ulcerative

We are conducting clinical trials. To find out more contact us.

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